Bdsm chat mistress MissPasha

Bdsm WebcamsAt first, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. After being burned so many times by phone sex rip-offs and those horrible bdsm chat rooms, well, I was looking for something new, something better. Then, when I heard about MissPasha’s bdsm Webcam, well, needless to say, I was intrigued. I was initially put off by the “no free shows” idea, but then I realized that if a mistress was going to be any good at all, she’s not in the business of giving it away. What really got me going was the Fetish Webcam concept. This wasn’t just a flash of tit and a wank, this was tailor-made. With a Mistress bdsm chat , , I love the interactive aspect: she can see exactly what I’m doing and offers instant correction. And, since it is a true Fetish Webcam, I know that my kinks are being met. She can see my desires and I can see how she’s enjoying it as much as I am. A Mistress Webcam is a terrific idea. It’s so personal, so intimate. But I have very specific wants, needs, kinks, and with MissPasha’s Fetish Webcam I could tell right away that she had an instinct for me, she knew what I wanted and how badly I needed it. She has an amazing way to tell about my kinks, even when I deny them. She sees the desire in my eyes. And I can see the pleasure in hers. I adore worshiping my Mistress, and I can tell how much satisfaction my pleasure/pain gives her. It is the perfect relationship.

DangerSmile Boot Mistress ready for a bdsm chat with you !

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Do you fantasize about being trampled? Do you get desperately hard thinking of licking luscious boots clean and pleasing your mistress? Bdsm Chat DangerSmile would sooner use her hard heels to smash those fantasies away before she’d let a piece of shit disobedient slave even DREAM of touching her dainty feet or letting him feel her delicious boots. Leather and latex shouldn’t be sullied by the hands of some dirty pig that hasn’t even proven his worth to this sexy webcam Mistress, even if you can’t touch this goddess in more than your thoughts. DangerSmile is a hard-hitting boot mistress that doesn’t pull the punches and will strip your ego in a way that feels as good as fantasizing about stripping her.  This is a Mistress you need to please, boys, and don’t you forget it!

Not to say that she can’t let her little slaves have the occasional treat, if you’re exceptionally good at bdsm chat. Her boots could use a good shining, after all. If you’re to cam with her maybe she’d give you the honor of ordering you to lick your own shoes while fantasizing about her, making you tell her just how they taste, how they feel against your tongue. Are they disgustingly dirty? Licking boots for her, or if you’re a really pathetic piece of shit maybe just your computer screen while she puts the soles in view just for you, is an intensely degrading, erotic experience that you won’t soon forget.

This lascivious latex lady is generous in actions as well as generously endowed with how she’s poured into her skintight outfits and fuck-me boots and deserves your utmost obedience.  The way her sexy outfits hug her body and squeeze it so tightly would make any man unable to bear it, even if the way she brandishes her riding crop and the taunting looks she gives you tell you that you better not dare to get hard without her explicit permission.

If you think you have even the slightest bit of power with her, think again. Danger Smile will strip you of any notions of that, slave, and grind whatever pride you have left into the dust.  As if you ever had any in the first place. She’ll train her little slaves until they’re as obedient and humiliated as they can be, she’s got one of the hottest BDSM chat out there and knows you can’t do better than her. Submitting to this  bdsm chat Mistress is all you can do if you view her bdsm cam, there are no other options.